The WaterH Erasmus +
The WaterH Erasmus + project intends to harmonise teaching and pedagogical approaches in water related graduate education in 10 partner universities from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China and Norway.

The IMPREC project is focusing on developing, adopting and validating novel concepts related to reduction of pollution from wastewater and increasing the reuse of wastewater sludge, using cost-efficient methods.

Water and Society – Institutional Capacity Building in Water management and Climate Change adaptation in selected countries in Asia and Africa

Water Harmony Eurasia
The Water Harmony project intends establishing a scientific and pedagogic consortium including 8 partner universities from Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Norway to harmonize water related higher education to increase the relevance and quality.

Water Magic
The Water Management in Cold Climates Project is a collaboration of seven universities (Norway, US, Canada, South Korea, China and Japan) with an intend to make today’s graduate education on water management more comprehensive by including a focused set of themes related to Cold Climate as well as Climate Change impacts.

International partnership on membrane processes for research and educational excellence. The MEMPREX project will link staff and graduate students of the participating universities from Canada, the US, Japan, China and Norway.

Towards Circular Economy in Organic Farming
TENOR Living Lab explores opportunities for recycling of Water, Nutrients and Heat in organic farming based on source separated sewer systems and smart irrigation solutions. TENOR Living Lab facilitates collaboration of students, researchers, teachers, industrial and public stakeholders for evidence-based
educational research and innovation


Particle Separation – 2016
The IWA specialist group on particle separation is exited to invite you to Oslo, Norway, for the «Advances in particle science and separation: meeting tomorrow’s challenges», which follows the successful conference of 2014 in Sapporo, Japan.

Water Management in Cold Climate
Water and wastewater management in cold climate requires specific design and operational requirements, and the impacts of Climate Change make them even more challenging for the future.